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Our Beans

Coffee trees are grown on over 12,000 different Co-Operative farms where the cherries are picked by local farmers when red. The skin and pulpy interior are removed exposing the bean. Beans are dried and then placed in bags for shipping. Beans take on average 2 weeks to be shipped form Kenya to the United States where we begin the roasting process in our state of the art St. Augustine, FL facilities.

Journey from Kenya

Equipped with state-of-the-art  technology KAHAWA roasts 100% Kenyan Arabica beans in our facility in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Roasting Process


The acidic soil in the highlands of central Kenya has just the right amount of sunlight and rainfall to provide excellent conditions for growing coffee plants. Once pods become ripe they turn a deep reddish color at which they can be harvested. The majority of Kenyan farmers hand pick the pods which helps keep a selection of only high quality beans. After harvesting, pods are

dried before being bagged and shipped.


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